Serverless Continuous Delivery with Google Cloud Run.

Google Cloud Run is a new offering from Google that is currently in Beta. One of the main use cases is to enable running stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster.

Cloud Run is part of the solution offering and falls under the Serverless category. Another Interesting aspect is Pricing Cloud Run charges you only for the resources you use, billed to the nearest 100 milliseconds. More info here.

Cloud Run promises few notably great things:

  1. Serverless (or more exactly Fully Managed Architecture)
  2. Containerization and a simple Developer Experience
  3. Choice Any language, any library, any binary
  4. Scaling up. To handle the load with Autoscaling?
  5. Scaling down. All the way to zero when not in use.
  6. Combined with other Google Cloud services a Continuous Delivery.
  7. Custom domain mapping.
  8. Out-of-the-box Integrated logging and monitoring
  9. SSL / TLS solution (batteries included).

In this demo I will show you everything you need to get started with this great product offering.

Watch the video here to see Cloud Run in action:

I hope this blog and demo video helped you understand a bit more and you were able to give it a try for yourself.

Here is the repo so you can give Cloud Run a try for yourself.

Written while working for Arctiq - a great company.
Check them out.